According to the provisions of art. II of Law no. 202/2010 on some measures to accelerate the settlement of lawsuits, Law no. 4/1953 – Family Code, republished in the Official Gazette no. 13 of April 18, 1956, as subsequently amended and supplemented, is amended and supplemented.
If the spouses agree to the divorce and do not have minor children, born from marriage or adopted, the civil status officer or notary public at the place of marriage or the last common residence of the spouses may find the dissolution of the marriage by consent of the spouses, issuing a certificate of divorce, according to the law.
In case the spouses address the civil status officer, proceed as follows:
• The application for divorce (type) by administrative means is made in writing, submitted and signed by both spouses, in front of the civil status officer from the mayor’s office who keeps the marriage certificate or within whose radius is the last common home of spouses. In the divorce application, the spouses declare on their own responsibility that:
a. They agree with the dissolution of the marriage;
b. do not have minor children born out of wedlock or adopted;
c. none of the spouses is placed under interdiction;
d. they have not requested other authorities to dissolve the marriage;
e. address of the last common dwelling;
f. the name to be worn after the dissolution of the marriage;