The news of the arrival of the President of Romania in Hunedoara, even on holidays, gathered, on Saturday evening, in front of the City Hall and in the Old Center of the city, many people from Hunedoara, despite the cold outside. At 19.05, the President of Romania, Traian Băsescu, got out of the car and, passing through the crowd, in its cheers and shaking hands with many people, was greeted by members of the Order of Knights of Hunedoara and Knights of Medias at the entrance to Hunedoara City Hall . They greeted him as in the medieval era and handed him a diploma by which Traian Băsescu was named “count and protector of the Hunedoara Fortress”. In the mayor’s office, the President was greeted by the mayor Nicolae Schiau, together with the PD president, Emil Boc, senators and deputies from Hunedoara (Viorel Arion, Gheorghe Barbu, Monica Iacob Ridzi),
“I am honored to be here, on Hunedoara Days, especially because, from my career as mayor, I know how important they are for the community. This kind of holidays are meant to make us happy together and to make us care more about each other “, said Traian Băsescu at the meeting within the mayor’s office. The head of state also addressed the issue of parliamentary elections, stressing their importance: “The quality of the parliamentarians we send to the European Parliament will be the mirror of us, of all, and we have a responsibility to give full confidence to those we send to it represents us, and this time the politicians will not be guilty, it is the responsibility of the Romanian people to send there quality people to represent us “, added Traian Băsescu. In the cheers of the people of Hunedoara, The president then went through the crowd to the scene in the Old Center, where he greeted the people of Hunedoara: “Thank you for the trust you have given me in the referendum in May. I would like you all to be convinced that, through the European elections on November 25, we will do an extraordinary thing, which depends on us Romanians and not on the political class, this time. Go to the polls and choose the people you trust to represent us in the European Parliament. ”
“The days of Hunedoara, for many years, are holidays for our city and for the citizens of Hunedoara. This year, I am sure that this event had an extra attraction, due to the presence of the President of Romania among the people of Hunedoara. It was a great honor for us that the president accepted our invitation and I assure you that in the short time he spent here he felt very good, being impressed by the warm welcome of the people of Hunedoara “, declared the mayor Nicolae Schiau.
For those who could not be present at the Hunedoara Days, we will present a photo gallery from the events organized on the occasion of this event. (we will post them in the next few hours)

Images from the event can be viewed HERE .

Last updated (Tuesday, October 23, 2007)