Considering the increase of natural gas prices, as well as the forecasted evolution of the population’s incomes in the next period, the Ministry of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities has elaborated a draft decision which provides the following:

Families and single people benefit from this help, with incomes of up to 500 lei / family member, who use natural gas to heat the house.
The amount of aid is a fixed amount (calculated in relation to the average monthly net income / family member, respectively of the single person) and represents monthly amounts between 233 and 17 lei, as follows:
The right to heating allowance is established starting with the month in which the application and the declaration were submitted on one’s own responsibility.
The aid is granted on the basis of an application, accompanied by the declaration on one’s own responsibility regarding the composition of the family and their income.
The application forms and the declaration on one’s own responsibility are made available to the applicants by the natural gas supplier, at the headquarters and at the EON Gaz cashiers. After filling in the forms, the applicants will submit them at the headquarters of the Owners Associations, to which they belong, or at the collection points of the Hunedoara City Hall located at:
Children’s Day Center, str. Rîndunicii, no. 1, for the Owners Associations from the Micro area 4, 5;
“Light and Hope” Day Center, IL Caragiale Street, no. 6 bis, for the Owners Associations from the OM area;
General School no. 12,, for the Owners Associations from the Micro area 6, 7;
The headquarters of the Hunedoara City Hall, room 37, for the Owners Associations from the Chizid area, the Old Center and the component localities, respectively the villages belonging to the Hunedoara municipality;
The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:
Proof documents, regarding the composition of the family, BI / CI / CIP, birth certificate (for children under 14 years old), documents attesting the situation of minors who do not live with their parents – guardianship, guardianship, placement, custody decision.
Temporary / permanent residence permit or identity document for foreign citizens or stateless persons domiciled or residing in Romania.
Documents regarding the income of the family or the single person – income certificate with the net income realized in September 2007, copy of the pension / indemnity coupon from September 2007.
Where applicable, a certificate from the Financial Administration certifying the revenue for September 2007.
Rental agreement, as applicable.
Copy of the latest EON Gaz bill.
Applications are submitted starting with 10.10. 2007. From 1 January 2008, as a result of the substantial increase in pensions, the conditions for granting aid for heating the house with gas will be re-evaluated.
Last updated (Wednesday, October 17, 2007)