Mr. Mayor – VIOREL ARION – Wednesday 8.00

Mr. Deputy Mayor – DAN BOBOUŢANU – Thursday 8.00

Mr. Public Administrator – MIHAI LEU – Tuesday 10.00

Mr. Secretary – AUREL RAŢĂ-BUGNARIU – Friday 9.00

Audience registrations are made:

Hours: Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 2.00 pm at the Hunedoara City Hall in B-dul. Libertăţii (former headquarters of BRD) at the Audiences, Public Information, Decision Transparency Department.

The hearing is granted at the express request of the interested person, made in writing by filling in a standard form that will be registered at the Hearings, Public Information, Decision Transparency Department, or by telephone.
Phone: 0254/711955;
TelVerde: 0800 800 334;
0254/716322 int. 225
Documents required for registration:
– identity card / identity card
– documents proving the object of the hearing
– documents proving the steps taken previously
All requests for admission to the hearing are usually made in the previous week and / or during the one in which is intended to grant the audience.
The registration in the audience will be made according to the issue raised.
Petitioners who do not clearly specify the reason for the hearing and complete the form as personal matters will be registered for the hearing with the Public Administrator.
The hearings start from the hours specified above and last until the last registered citizen, their duration depending on the number of registered persons.